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There is no doubt in this that Indians are showcasing their talent across the world. And, definitely education is one of the prime factors here. A nation can only develop if it has a good option for education. From basic to the higher level of education, for the development of a country, it should give the best to the students. India educational system has set an example for the entire world.

The people who are getting educated in India find places in good position across the major companies and offices. It is the quality of higher education here only that they are able to make-up their position not only in the country but across the world. From the CEO of Google to the chairman of World Bank, many top positions across the world are occupied by the Indians.

And not only this, students from across the world are coming to India for their higher education. If you want to learn and explore more about the higher education system in India then in my blog, you will get the best of it. Today in my blog I am going to tell you each and everything that you should know about the higher education system in India. No matter if you are a curious student or a concerned parent.

madhu academyHistory of Higher Education of India

There is a very interesting point about the higher education system of India which will surely amaze you. The education system of India today is giving a direct competition to that of United States of India. And, that is definitely a proud thing for us Indians. There are many similarities in Indian education system and American education system. But, in the meantime there are differences too and it is because Indian higher education system is still in the progressive stage.

As the British ruled India for more than 100 of years, the earlier education system in India had a full impact of the British. After attaining independence in the year 1947, it slightly drifted towards the American system of higher education and still adapting the changes. I am going to discuss with you, each and everything that you should know about the education system in India. Knowing about the same, things would be easy to explore and definitely you will feel proud on the same.

Types of Educationdistance-education

Let us first discuss about the different types of higher education that are here in India.

Distance Education: The University Grants Commission (UGC) oversees Open and Distance Learning (ODL) throughout the country. The ODL includes:

  • Correspondence Course Institutes (CCIs)

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

  • State Open Universities (SOUs)

Distance learning is a boon in country like India, where students could not afford to go for higher studies because of their responsibility. As there is lack of good educational institutes in the rural parts of India, distance education is a medium that unites students from all over the nation by the system. Further, flexible scheduling allows students to fit in classes around their busy lives, and ultimately update critical and desirable work skills.

formal education madhu academyFormal, General, Non-formal, and Informal Educations: This is another form of higher education in India. Formal education is that which involves an education system running from primary school through the college years. Central Universities also have their own curricula. It has been found in a survey that general education in India costs nine times less than technical education. Non-formal education is still organized but operates separately from the formal system. Informal education, sometimes known as street smarts, involves learning through day-to-day life activities.

Professional and Technical Educations:technical education madhu academy Professional and technical education is given a high priority in India. This is because people are educated about these forms of education and the education system. There are many professional and technical education courses which are chosen by the students in India like medical, B Ed, B Tech, etc. Aeronautical, management, and pharmaceutical studies in India are placed into the category of technical education. Management studies as MBA and BBA also comes in the category of top rated professional courses in India. There are many prestigious organizations in India that offers these courses.

value educationValue Education: Before the course curriculums were not there, value education was focused more in India. This used to be a staple of Indian education, but changing times and morals have significantly overshadowed it. However, some Indian educators are determined to bring it back to the forefront. Value education is also sometimes known by the terms personality development or life skills. The main focus of value education is compassion, honesty, responsibility and trust. This is also the moral education that we tend to learn from our early days. The idea of value education is to eradicate corruption, intolerance and violence.

Indian education system has a deep impact in the world. There is no doubt in the same that the education system of India has told a lot to the world and lot more has to be explored in the same. For the best growth of a child, it is required that he should be given the proper education and a good focus should be given on his higher education as well.

Basic and higher education are important in their part. As the education system of India provides various options for the students, it assures the growth of nation too. Education leads to the success of nation. The education system of India ensures quality education for all and that too at higher level. Those who cannot go to colleges can pursue their education sitting at home by distance learning.

Those who want to do something professional; they can get enrolled in professional colleges. There are formal, non-formal and general education systems as well. This will ensure that everyone should get what they find comfortable. The higher system of education in India ensures education for all and this is a reason it has much flexibility. The only thing needed is a timely and good guidance then only every student in India can get quality high education which is meant for him.

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