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Do you remember your childhood days when you have to answer the question that what do you want to become when you grow up – doctor, engineer, lawyer or scientist? Yes, we all have faced this question in our childhood days and laughing it away. But, do you know that is only what will help you to decide which stream and career you should choose.


Well, what you want to become is really important. You should ask this question to yourself in order to choose the right stream for you after your 10th board. Whether you want to become a doctor, engineer, pilot, lawyer, fashion designer, economist, or a manager, your career will only helps you in choosing the right stream in class 11th and 12th.


There are basically three streams – Science, Commerce and Arts. You can choose any one of the three streams to make your career. But make sure to choose the right stream because the stream that a student chooses for class 11th go long way in deciding his/her future, and this is the reason why it is so important to choose the right stream after your 10th board.


So, let’s see how to choose the right stream after class 10th board.


Define Your Goals

Well, only you can know that which stream can be perfect for you as per the career goals. Think about the subjects you have interests on, are you a tech savvy, good in accounts or an arts fanatic? You should choose the streams as per your interest or in which the success of your profession are highest. Suppose you want to become Charted Accountant (CA) then, you should choose commerce stream in your class 11th Similarly, engineers should choose science stream and the others who has interest on history or literature can choose Arts. So, this is the basic things to consider while choosing your stream.


You may seek the advice of your parents but the ultimate judgment is yours. Well, what best you can do in this regard is – compare your past scores to know in which subjects you are good at so that you can make an objective decision.


Talk to Professionals

You need to put more efforts by identifying the professionals in your circle who are currently pursuing the same courses that you want to make as your career or in different streams like engineering, medicine, management, teaching, journalism, etc. Spend some time with these people in order to gain more knowledge about the profession and courses. Speak  to them and also appreciate the reasons for their choices. But, make sure to ask  them about the pros & cons of their profession. This way you can assess the various career options and can finally decide the right stream for your higher education.


Seek Guidance from Tutors or Teachers

Your teachers have mentored or guided hundreds of students in their lives so, no one can be better than your teacher to guide you for choosing the right career path. You can approach your teacher in deciding what stream will be the best for you. Your teacher know your potentials very well hence, nobody is better placed than your teacher to act as your guide.


Your teacher have been witness to a number of successful and not so successful stories in their life. They can discus the stories with you and on the basis of their experiences plus keeping your potentials in mind they can suggest you what is best for you. Students generally have a great bonding with their tutors than the school teachers, and more than 70% of the students regularly seek guidance from their tutors so, you can do the same thing. You can ask your tutors to guide to in choosing the right stream for class 11th.


Talk to an Education Consultant

Do you know who is an education consultant? Well, an education consultant is a person who helps children and their parents in deciding the right career for a student. They can tell you about the education system of India and also helps in choosing the right course for you as per your interest.


An education consultant thoroughly goes through your past education history, know your marks and your interest for a particular subject. And then, after discussing and considering these important things he will help you in choosing the right stream.


If Nothing Works, Flip a Coin

Even after so much of discussion and consulting an education counselor you are still confusing or in a doubt, then, just follow your heart. If your mind couldn’t decide what stream you should choose then, leave it on your fate. This is one of the most important decisions you will have to take in your life so, do not fret. You need to understand that it really takes a lot of thought and efforts for making an important decision in life. Just ensure that you choose the stream that really excites you, only then you can perform well in your exams to build your future.


Always remember that the stream you will choose will decide your career so, choose wisely or can take help from career counselors or education consultants to choose the right stream for class 11th. But, yes, don’t forget your passion or interest. Choose the stream that will help you in achieving your dreams.


success is yours



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