Common Problems between Parents and Teenagers and How to Resolve Them

Being a parent is not easy and especially being the parent of a teenager. If you have teenager at your home then already you are surrounded with so many responsibilities at a time. I truly understand the struggle of parents with a teenager. Well, handling them is difficult because it is their age group that does not allows them to listen to anyone else. This blog is something which is going to help you a lot. I am much sure that by the end of this blog, you are going to get a great knowledge about parenting and would be able to deal with them well. It is all about good parenting and how you should do that, I am going to tell this to here in this blog now.

Communication is important.

Parent teenager problems are a common thing in most households. While problems among family members are more common in some houses than others, just about every teenager gets in trouble at some point during his adolescent years. How parents and teenagers handle these conflicts, however, is what determines whether there will be parent teenager problems? When issues are handled calmly and fairly, fewer problems tend to arise, though this all depends on the individual teenager and parent relationship. As teenagers grow up, they tend to want to test their limits and sometimes they get into trouble because of this. A parent might worry if their teenage son starts acting more distant and starts behaving badly, and that is usually a good thing, since these are the signs that he might be getting into trouble while his father is not watching.

Some Common Parent Teenager Problems

Before we get into the problems we must first understand the reasons. Reasons for problems between teenagers and parents vary greatly, and each situation is different another, but there are common reasons for parent teenager problems. Some of these common reasons are:

  • A teenager is getting bad grades at school. This can cause a problem because the parents of a teen who is notparent and teenager problems getting the best grades in school will be worried about him graduating and getting into college. Also, if a teen gets bad grades, he probably will not get any scholarships for school, which can be a hardship on parents.

  • A teen is hanging out with a bad crowd. A teenager who has friends that do things their parents do not approve of can end up doing those things too, and the teen’s friends will probably not be received well by the parents.

  • A parent who is overly strict with their teenager will probably have problems with him at some point. It is important to be firm, but not overly firm, since this may make a teenager want to rebel even more.

  • If a teenager gets herself into trouble at school, then she will probably have a few fights with her parents about it. If they take disciplinary action, she probably will not be happy about it.

  • Lack of communication causes a lot of problems between parents and teenagers. It is important for both parties to communicate.

There could be any number of reasons why a parent and her teenager do not get along, and each situation is unique.

How The Problem between Teenager and Parent could be Solved

This is not something which is happening with you only. There are many parents out there like you who are facing the same problems like you do. You should consult a good child psychiatrist or a consultant and things could be improved. Other than this, there are few suggestions from my side.

disrespectful-behaviour-teenagersCommunicate: It has been found that most of the problems solve the moment you start discussing about that. Talking to someone when you are upset with what they are doing is important, since if you do not talk to them, they won’t know you are mad or upset.

Read: Read a book about parenting, or about parent and teenager relationships. This is an old idea but believe me, it really works.

Counselling: Go to a family counsellor if you find that things are beyond your control. While many people are against the idea of going to someone outside of their family for advice, going to a family counsellor could be a good way to open up communication between teens and their parents. If it is an education related dispute then you can communicate with education counsellors for the same

Be Together: Do things together, such as going to a movie or playing board games. This is one of the effective ways to enhance the bonding

The Bottom Line

It is definitely not going to be easy for you. But, once you start working on the things you will come to a positive conclusion of the same. It is not always about arguing sometimes a good communication can also help you to find the way. Fixing a family problem might seem hard, but as long as everyone communicates his or her feelings, everything should work out in the end. There are many books available about parent and teenager relationships that can help improve communication within families. You can consult a good counsellor if you find that things are not in your control now. Don’t give up just give the best from your side and everything will improve gradually.


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