We all are very well aware of this fact that how much education is important in our life. It improves our over all personality and also gives us knowledge about the world around us. But it is also very important to choose your career wisely, one wrong step and your whole career will be destroyed. We have often seen students who are not happy with the career they have chosen may it’s because they were not prepared for their future. That’s why we all should have an ambition that can help us to decide our career.

Well, it would not be wrong to say that your career completely depends on your 12th result. You have to work hard for your exams so that you can score well to get admission in the top college or a college of your dream. So, focus on your studies and do well in your exam to choose the right stream or course for further studies.

Selecting the right course after 12th that is undergraduate level is very much important for a student as it will decide the fate of his career. For this they should look for several courses and find out that in which field they can perform better. You should not take your undergraduate course so lightly as it can ruined your future. You should think thousand times before selecting a course as this will only decide your career. Choosing the right career can open a world of opportunities for you while taking the wrong decision can completely destroy your future.

You will get lots of suggestions and advices from your parents, friends, relatives, teachers and seniors. But you should be focused on what you have decided to select for further studies. An appropriate course is selected on the basis of a person’s own interest, ambitions, and should not be the money that you can make through that career. It is said that make your passion your profession and you will start loving your job hence, you should also choose the course that is your passion though it is film making course, engineering, MBBS, architecture or anything else, you should keep everything aside and focus on your dream, passion and ambition to choose the right course for you to get success in life.

But, there are many major factors that influence the selection of our career. This makes us confused and also force us to choose a career in which we have no interest. We should always choose a career depending on our own interest. Here are the major factors which can influence the selection of your career:

Parents’ Dream

Our parents start dreaming of our career the moment we were born. They generally want to accomplish the achievements through their children that they themselves couldn’t attain.

Social Values of a Job

Most of the time students decide their career by choosing a career on the social values. Students get attracted towards the respect and value people give to a particular job. But the chances of succeeding in a career decided by just social values are very less.


Another one of the major factors is income. People want to do a job that gives more income.

Though there are many factors that can influence selection of career but we should always choose a career of our interests or likes so that we can always give 100% to our job. Here’ know how you can choose a right career.

How to Choose A Right Course?

Now when you know how much your undergraduate course is important for deciding your career here comes the main question that how to choose the right course after 12th.

Well, 12th is a turning point for students, from here their life will be going to change completely. They have to take one of the very vital decisions of their life – choosing the right course. But with so many advices and suggestions they get, confuses them to take the right decision. So, how they can take right decision for their career? Here are some easy tips that will help you to choose a right course for you which will open a world full of opportunities for you.

Be focused on what you want to do

There is no need to tell you to be focused on what you want to do, but I am mentioning this because there are many major factors that influence the selection of our career. Though there are these factors you should be focused on your ambition and choose a course which will help you to achieve your ambition.

Create a list

Start making a list of the courses as per your likes and dislikes. Apart from your ambition you should also note down the names of courses that you can opt for. If you are interested in computers or programming or you have great interest in arts or drawing, etc. And also don’t forget to note down your dislikes. On the basis of your likes and dislikes note down 10-15 careers that suits you.

Analyze each of the selected career

Now analyze each courses you have listed. Search on Internet about the career and ask the people who are already in such field. You need to analyze them in details. Note down the facts like minimum qualification, potential dangers and hazards, start salary and growth or progress in that particular field.


Now after analyzing this create a shortlist consisting of 4-5 jobs. Be careful while shortlisting the courses as you are going to decide your career based on this analysis. If you will be able to choose the right career then, you will come to know that which course you should after passing 12th.



Choose the right Institute of College

After shortlisting the course you need to find the right college or institute for this. Well, for this you can search on Internet. Check their website and also online reviews. There are also many consultants available in India that can help you to choose the right institute for your further studies.

After going through this procedure you will be able to get out of the confusion of choosing an appropriate course for you to have a successful career.

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