Hi guys, this is my first post at this website. I have prepared this article keeping in mind those students and parents who are facing social pressures while considering colleges.

The Internet is full of numerous articles on college admission guidance which can be useful for students and their parents.

But in this article, you will learn some awesome tips on how to cope with social pressure when considering colleges for admission.

You want to take admission in your desired course, the course you have interest in.

Searching for the right college for the course you are interested in can be a difficult affair.

But understanding the things which you should not do will help you avoid common pitfalls.

So what are the things you which you should don’t do?
How can you expand your horizon?
How can you avoid social pressures while considering colleges?
How can you get into a good college?

Here are some great tips that will answer all these aforementioned questions.

Have a look a look at these tips,

And get into a good college, and expand your horizon in the course you have interest in.

Have patience. Don’t expedite the admission process

Guest what?

What is the most crucial thing for students and parents when it comes to opting for higher education?

Getting admission into a good college, isn’t it?

Of course, finding and getting into a good college is the most essential thing for an individual.

But at the same time, it can be also stressful.

Students have to face prolonged and time-consuming application process.

Because of this reason, many students mislay their patience.

As a result, they fall into the trap of an inapt institute/college.

When you make a decision hastily, there are high chances of committing big mistakes. You might decide without considering all your options.

Let me tell some tips now:

Don’t lose your patience.

Don’t rush the admission process.

Have patience and explore other options.

Prepare a list of some good colleges.

Visit the colleges personally.

Note down the pros and cons of these colleges.

Narrow down the options.

You must do it as this is the most important decision of your life which you really never want to regret.

Get recommendations or take advice from others


You want to get admission into a good college. This can be itself a pressure for you, after all, it is a big decision for your future. Apart from this, there are several other social pressures you may face while looking for a good college to take admission in.

Don’t be nervous.

Don’t hide your problems and get into wrong things and company.

Deal it with patiently. Nothing is wrong with getting advice from others.

Tell your relatives or elders your problems and ask them “how to cope with such problems correctly”.
Talk to your uncle,

elder brother, sister or cousin,

or an admission guidance counsellor —

for your admission related issues and problems.

Tell them each and everything that you are experiencing.

The support and advice you will get from other persons you trust shall boost your mood.

Partake in good activities that provide you self-assurance and confidence


One of the most important things you can do to cope with social pressures and admission phobia is participating in good activities and engaging yourself in doing something that boosts your self-assurance, confidence and moral.

Let me tell you what things you can do, just for examples:

Learn a new language,

Do gardening and learn cooking,

Learn short-term courses,

Start new sport or hobby,

Do yoga and meditation; and so on.

Apart from these, you can also start the part-time job.

Do the right thing that lifts your mood and moral, this is what is imperative.

Follow your mind rather than your heart – dealing with peer pressure


Many students miserably fail to get admission into a good college/university just because they follow their heart rather than the mind.

Let me explain it via an example.

If your friends are getting their admissions into ABC college then it does not mean you should also take admission in the same college.

Every person has its own choice. You also have.

If you think ABC college is not suitable for you then you should never get into that college.

C’mon, you have other options.

Deal the peer pressure smartly.

Follow your mind not the heart.

This is the most pivotal decision of your life.

Don’t think if you don’t go with your friends your friendship will be broken.

If your relationship is strong then distance will not matter at all.

Deal with pushy parents genially


There are many parents who decide which course or college their son/daughter should join. Such parents are called pushy parents. They are very strict about it.

Coping with external pressure as compared to that of pushy parents is of course easy.

But how you will deal with your parent’s strict decision.

For example, your parent decides your admission to ABC college, but you don’t like that college and want to take admission in XYZ college.

How will you deal with this issue?

Should you make arguments with your parents?


You should never make arguments with your parents.

They don’t think anything bad about you. They will always wish good things for you.

Your parents want the best for you.

What should you do when pressure from your parents is harming more than helping you?

Let me tell you some ways by which you can convince your parents. 

Schedule time to talk with your parents.

Try to put your standpoint to them in a very respectful manner.

Convince them with legible facts.

Let them know how the pressure is making you feel.

Your parents might not even know how much their concern is affecting you.

Don’t take the stress. Don’t things anything that is not acceptable.

If you think, you cannot convince your parent then go to an educational counsellor or admission guidance consultancy firm.

Getting your parents to a good educational consultancy or career counsellor would be really a good option.

Final Words

I hope aforementioned tips on how to cope with social pressure when considering colleges will help you significantly. If you are still not convinced with these tips and ideas then you can take professional guidance from a good educational consultancy firm like Madhu Academy.

Something missing?

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